Painkiller: War on the Earth

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Painkiller: War on the Earth

In a nutshell so to speak "modification".
1) An attempt to create a base for the creation of the next part of Painkiller.
2) Bring though, would be to a small demo.
Plans for a demo:
1) One Level. (Which is likely to be a hospital)
2) 2 playable characters (Daniel and Belial).
3) Several monsters
4) Introduction of new gameplay elements (concept of new gameplay elements at this point for this project is rather vague, so you shouldn't take it all for the "final version" f, will be more for reflections and evaluation)

5) Several weapons (of course one of them Painkiller, or something similar, also the game takes place on the ground, it should be a mixture of the devil and real guns.)

A few words about the plot:
The plot is continuation of the history of Painkiller: Hell & Damnation.

In the same topic, I want to save all the possible and impossible ideas for the next part, constructive criticism and suggestions. So, You are welcome!

Couple organizational issues:
a) I work (I hope so far) alone.
b) There is an idea to make the development of open to any person with knowledge of modeling, levla design or scripting, could help with the development at any time when he has time. If the idea take hold, then I open the vault (repository) which will support the current version build. (! UE4 require licensing, for this reason, there is little difficulty, because those who want to help, just have to have a license in this huge disadvantage of this idea)

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Re: Painkiller: War on the Earth

Welcome to PKZone!

We started some topic about the . We're waiting for new information about .
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Re: Painkiller: War on the Earth

The sequel must be a coop based game, with also the possibility to play in singleplayer mode by chosing belial or daniel, imo.

BTW it's an amazing project :mrgreen:

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