Post Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:38 pm

Advanced Grapple Hook Mod


This is my modification of a modification :)
It is based upon Grapple Hook modification by Dany25:

It allows to adjust:
acceleration factor
acceleration boost
acceleration barrier

as well as disable debugging messages.

These variables are set in the LUA file at the top, they are all quite sufficiently documented.

I have written the code after logical modeling, its steamlined, tested.
I also provide two good parameters, its preconfigured to be used immediately.

You can use this mod as you see fit, but also Dany25 copyright applies (if any?). I will not upload the file anywhere else, but you probably can! Would be cool if you post it to mod section!

Thanks for your attention and всего хорошего вам!

Created and tested under Sparky Linux, Wine 1.7/PlayOnLinux, opensource drivers, amd HD5850, Painkiller Black Edition (GOG).

Salutations to fellow Linux gamers :)
Painkiller Advanced Grapple Mod.7z
readme is included
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